Rocktober Intensive Lindy Hop Weekend

David Deenik & Kerry Kapaku

David Deenik & Kerry Kapaku

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About Kerry

Kerry Kapaku comes from a long history of training, performing, and teaching ballet and contemporary dance, and has been dancing since she was just four years old. Kerry was introduced to swing dancing while in college (studying dance!) at The Ohio State University, and has been hooked ever since. She is addicted to the joy of the swing dances, and brings that enthusiasm into every class she teaches, whether she’s teaching to a large group or a doing a one-on-one private lesson. Since 2012 Kerry has taught for The Ohio State University Swing Dance Club, SwingColumbus, Naptown Stomp, and has started teaching a regional events in the midwest. Over the past few years, Kerry has competed in several Lindy Hop and St. Louis Shag competitions around the Midwest area and has placed at events such as Dayton Swing Smackdown, Lindy on the Rocks, SwingIN, Nevermore Jazz Ball, and Southern Swing Challenge. Most recently, Kerry has become obsessed with St. Louis Shag (don’t tell Lindy Hop… but it might be her new favorite dance!). Kerry also currently dances and teaches ballet professionally in the Indianapolis area. Kerry can’t wait to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for all things swing dance with you!

About David

Since his first swingout Dave has developed what some call an unhealthy obsession with swing dancing. From day one, his Lindy hop foundation was built by traveling all over the Midwest and even across the country learning from the best instructors the international scene has to offer. Dave started teaching for his hometown scene Naptown Stomp in 2013. He loves to see beginners nail their first swingout, and his enthusiasm for dancing is contagious. Dave is also a big fan and promoter of St. Louis Shag and is considered to be one of the strongest shag dancers in the Midwest. You may have seen him in shag competitions and performances at events like The Nevermore Jazz Ball, Southern Swing Challenge, Lindy Focus, and more. Ask him to dance wherever you find him!

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